What happens

Format of a Ceroc evening'

With the exception of party nights, all Ceroc classes in the world follow the same format:

Complete Beginner's Class

Every night without fail there will be a good number of complete beginners. Therefore we hold a 45 minute class where you will learn 3 or 4 of the easier moves. After which there will be two or three records (freestyle) where you can practice the routine.

Intermediate Class

When you feel comfortable with the beginner's class, you can move up to the next class where you will learn up to 5 harder moves.

It usually takes about 8 beginner's classes to master the basic moves. If you're impatient and you want to progress quicker, we do host 3-4 hour workshops at weekends, after which you would be able to move up to the Intermediate classes.


After the 30 minute Intermediate class, your night out really starts when the DJ takes command of the freestyle session. This is an hour and a half of pure uninterrupted dance where you can improve your CEROC style and soak up the atmosphere. it's addictive.

Taxi Dancers

Most CEROC venues have experienced dancers on hand that are part of the crew and are specifically there to dance with beginners.

Taxi dancers should be easy to spot as they wear distinctive T-shirts, and are on duty until they remove their T-shirt. Please feel free to ask a taxi dancer for a dance if they don't get to you first.

Beginner's Practise Session Class

Some venues, depending on the layout of the venue, offer a beginner's refresher session during the Intermediate class. The taxi dancers host these sessions and are on hand to help which makes this an ideal opportunity to recap the moves you have just learnt.

If you're a BEGINNER, and you want to learn really quickly, we host 3-4 hour workshops. These are designed for complete beginners and are held on weekends. Places are limited and therefore you must book a place in advance. No need to book with a partner, Call, email or ask any of the crew for more details or an application form.